About us

CameraIQ is the leading distributor of cameras and imaging systems for machine vision and research in Russia.

Our partners are the world major manufacturers in the vision industry, CameraIQ operates only as an official and in most cases exclusive distributor of the represented manufacturers in Russia.


CameraIQ has two main business units:

Machine Vision
Products distributed:
  • area scan machine vision cameras
  • line scan cameras
  • smart cameras and vision sensors
  • speciality cameras (laser triangulation,
  • machine vision lenses
  • optical filters
  • structured light lasers
  • machine vision illumination
  • frame grabbers
  • interface adapters
  • cables and mounting accessories
  • image processing software
Scientific & Testing Imaging
Products distributed:
  • high-speed cameras
  • high sensitivity cameras
  • scientific cooled infrared cameras
  • laser imaging systems for fluid dynamics, combustion, sprays (PIV, PLIF, shadow imaging, …)
  • digital image correlation (DIC) systems for materials testing
  • image intensifiers
  • streak cameras
  • scientific imaging optics
  • illumination for high-speed imaging
  • interface adapters
  • image analysis software

We supply advanced hi-tech optoelectronic devices. We believe that it is not possible to meet the customer’s needs simply by moving such products from one location to another. Vision technology distributor must have knowledge of the working principles, technologies, components, structure of the cameras and optical systems, be qualified in the sphere and have hands-on experience. This is exactly what we keep our focus on in our work.

It is essential for us to provide full-scale support to our customers in Russia, including qualified specialists’ consultations, technical support, warranty and after-warranty services; all at the same level as the manufacturers offer their customers worldwide.



Our company was established in 2010 by specialists who had unique experience in machine vision technologies, high-speed cameras, system integration and image processing software development on the Russian market since late 1990’s. At that time the very term ‘machine vision’ was hardly known in Russia at all, and digital high-speed cameras were really rare.

We were sure that the booming industrial and scientific imaging technology would definitely find place in Russia, and to create competitive products Russian engineers would need an all-round technical support, opportunity to test, evaluate and order state-of-the-art industrial and scientific cameras. The idea to address this emerging market in Russia by starting a “vision technology provider” company led to launching of CameraIQ.

Our system integration projects were gradually scaled down, and the core business of the new company became distribution of cameras and imaging systems, where from the very beginning we made the major focus on the engineering support of our customers. Basing on high qualifications of our specialists and international relations in the vision industry, CameraIQ shortly gained leading positions on the Russian industrial and scientific imaging market.

Our team

Our team comprises specialists, experienced in optomechanical manufacturing, test rigs, industrial automation, and instrumentation. They are graduates of field-specific departments of Bauman State Technical University, Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Moscow State University of Technology ‘STANKIN’, Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, holding MSc and PhD degrees.

Our sales and support engineers regularly attend trainings at the manufacturers’ facilities, they are always aware of the newest trends in the machine vision and scientific imaging industries and ready to advise customers on the selection of cameras for their applications as well as trouble-shoot installations and operation issues.

For complex laser imaging and high-speed imaging systems our specialists perform installation, set-up, calibration of the equipment, and training for the end-users.

Our logistics and import specialists’ qualifications and experience allow arranging express delivery, solving difficult tasks with components supply, repairs and upgrading of the equipment.

You can meet CameraIQ team at industry-specific shows and conferences, of which we are a regular participant.


CameraIQ has demo samples of all offered camera kinds: from simple machine vision cameras to application-specific high-speed or high-resolution scientific cameras. Our stock is regularly supplied with newest demo cameras way earlier their serial production release.

We offer our customers cameras for testing and evaluation or arrange demonstrations. We also stock all necessary accessories for installation and set-up, such as optical filters, lasers, lights, cables, etc.

To perform camera tests, trainings and technical support we design and use various test rigs to simulate application conditions, set up, calibrate, compare the results, and practice the required operation modes of the offered cameras.

Testing of line scan cameras
Comparing machine vision cameras performance
Demo cameras and accessories on stock
PIV system calibration


Based in Moscow, we supply vision technology throughout the entire Russia: from Kaliningrad in the west to the Far East. Our customers include:

  • machine vision OEMs and system integrators
  • universities and research centres
  • manufacturers who test and control the quality of their products

For our regular customers we offer:

  • preferential access to the newest camera samples
  • special prices
  • express delivery
  • advanced technical support

For universities and research organisations:

  • academic discount
  • equipment adjustment to specific labs and test rig conditions
  • installations and trainings
  • turn-key systems
  • components and expendables supply

For start-ups and system integrators:

  • assist in promoting their products and services at exhibitions, industry forums and seminars we support or organize


CameraIQ Ltd.
Address: 5, b.1, per Chernyshevskogo,
127473, Moscow, Russia
Phone: +7 (495) 646 88 24

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