CameraIQ is an official distributor representing the leading international manufacturers of machine vision and scientific imaging in Russia.


Machine vision systems are the “eyes” of industrial and mobile robots, measuring and diagnostic devices. They are vital for quality control sorting of products, checking the condition of railways and highways, and intelligent transportation systems. Machine learning based image processing algorithms allow you to recognize objects, take measurements, identify defects, and read codes.


In addition to seeing processes and phenomena invisible to the naked eye, scientific imaging systemswith high-sensitivity and high-speed cameras enable scientists and engineers to measure various physical quantities.

Our customers in Russia get full access to specialist advice, technical support, warranty, and service of the same quality the manufacturers provide to their customers worldwide.


"Due to the unique range of supplied equipment, individual approach to our customers' projects, qualifications and experience of our employees, CameraIQ has become an effective technology partner for developers and users of machine vision systems and scientific imaging in Russia."



Our History

At that time the very term "machine vision" was not widely known, and digital high-speed cameras were rare.

We were sure that the rapidly developing technologies for obtaining and processing digital images would find their application in Russia, and it would be important for users and developers to have comprehensive technical support and opportunity to receive equipment for tests from a qualified supplier authorized by the manufacturer. The idea of creating a company that would this precisely such a supplier led us to establishing CameraIQ.



In 2011-2014 our company completed several major projects for a number of leading universities and research institutes that included the supply and integration of laser systems for the diagnosis of flows and combustion processes used for research in aerohydrodynamics and efficient fuel combustion. The specialists of our company were trained in the leading company in this field, LaVision (Göttingen, Germany).


In 2013 a distribution agreement was signed with Teledyne DALSA (Canada), a global leader in machine vision technology, and manufacturer of CCD and CMOS sensors.


Since 2015 CameraIQ has become a partner with the famous optical company ZEISS (Germany) for the supply of industrial lenses ZEISS for machine vision systems, which was never officially presented in Russia before.


In the same 2015 to be the first one in Russia CameraIQ received the status of the Visual Applets Competence Center for the industry-leading graphical programming environment for embedded machine vision systems.


In 2017 we became a partner of Teledyne Photometrics (USA), a recognized manufacturer of scientific cameras for complex biological research, which places the highest demands on sensitivity and dynamic range.


In 2020 CameraIQ became a distributor and support center for the leading software development environment for machine vision systems - HALCON from MVTec (Germany).


The CameraIQ team are specialists with experience in optical-mechanical production, experimental stands, industrial automation, instrument engineering, graduates of profile departments of MSTU, MPEI, MGTU "STANKIN", MGSU, including 2 candidates of sciences.


Our sales and technical support engineers regularly undergo training at our partners' companies, always up-to-date with modern technology development trends, and are ready to advise you on the choice of equipment, as well as to resolve issues arising during the implementation and operation of the supplied systems.


When supplying laser and high-speed imaging systems, our experts assemble, commission, and train customer personnel.

Technical Equipment

CameraIQ has demo cameras of all supplied categories: from simple machine vision cameras to specialized high-speed and scientific high-sensitivity cameras. Our equipment is updated with the latest models even before their release into mass production. We provide the equipment to customers for testing and organize demonstrations with the participation of our engineers.


CameraIQ has its own lab, equipped with demo stands that allow you to configure, calibrate, comparatively test cameras and work out the imaging modes. There is also equipment for diagnostics of fluid flows, multiphase flows, complex deformations measurement, and fast processes registration.

Our Clients

CameraIQ is a long-standing partner in the field of machine vision technologies for TVEMA, a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of railway infrastructure diagnostic systems.
Original Group is an investment and technology holding company that provides financing, engineering, market launch and development of high-tech products and services, in particular, a hardware-software complex TraceWay for marking and tracking products.
Moscow State University of Civil Engineering is conducting a unique wind tunnel to study the effects of wind on buildings and structures using the high-speed PIV system supplied by CameraIQ.
A high-speed camera system is used in the federal state organization Yu.A. Gagarin Research and Test Cosmonaut Training Center.
At the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, our scientific CCD cameras are used for confocal microscopy in the study of cellular and molecular mechanisms of memory.





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