LIF Seminar

This 3 day seminar will give you the opportunity to learn more about hardware of LaVision's LIF systems and how to design a LIF experiment. It'll give you several examples of applications and teach you how to work with DaVis tools and LIF packages.

Our 3 day course closes with a guided lab tour at LaVision GmbH followed by practical LIF exercises with hands on systems at the third day.

The seminar takes place in the seminar room of LaVision GmbH, Anna-Vandenhoeck-Ring 19.

We are looking forward to receiving your registration form until October, 3rd.
A list of hotels and directions to LaVision GmbH will be sent to you after registration.

Please take into consideration that the number of participants is limited to 25 persons!


Feel free to contact us for any questions 
by e-mail: seminar@lavision.de or
by phone: +49(0)551 90040.
We are looking forward to seeing you at the seminar!

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