Webinar Teledyne Photometrics

Вебинар Teledyne Photometrics

What scientific cameras can do is changing. The release of the Kinetix sCMOS represents the biggest shift in sCMOS technology in over a decade, re-inventing the possibilities for experiment design and data capture.

Join us on March 16th as we show you how the Kinetix could expand your options for your next project, or application, the real images behind the specifications and how it matches up to other technologies on the market.


• How you could drive experiments faster with the Kinetix
• How the Kinetix could improve your light efficiency
• How the Kinetix expands the possibilities for your next project or application


• The position of the Kinetix relative to growing imaging tasks
• A comprehensive hands-on comparisons to existing available technologies 
• The real images behind the Kinetix specifications

Webinar Host:

Dr. Louis Keal
Product Marketing Manager

Time and date:

16th March 2021, 10:00 GMT (Europe)

How the Next Level of CMOS Compares and Can Extend Your Imaging Possibilities
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